We lay high emphasis on the quality of products manufactured for clients by ensuring that all the correct manufacturing and monitoring processes are adopted which meet all the international standards of quality.

We have got a well defined quality policy under which we have been conducting various manufacturing tests by using highly advanced equipments and machinery. We have successfully achieved a high level of customer satisfaction by providing them with a consistent quality product at affordable prices.

Testing Facility

List of Lab/Physical Lab equipments with details:

The following testing facilities are available in house.
1. Ultrasonic testing machine (Modsonic) (Einstein II)
2. Magnetic Partical Inspection testing
3. D.P testing kit
4. Digital Hardness tester (Blue Star)
5. Impact testing machine (Blue star)
6. UTE machine 40 tonnes (Blue Star)
7. Gas Analyzer
8. Micro Structure
9. Spectro Analyzer
10. Wet Lab

We are fully equipped to test material as per standards for all kinds of testing Chemical/Physical/Mechanical/Gas/Inclusion Rating.

The annealing/normalizing furnace helps us in the treatment of the material so as to provide material with actual standards and as per the customer’s requirement.

Heat treatment by Quenching/Tempering helps us achieve the desired properties/Strength in material.