About Us
AN ISO 9001: 2015 & 45001: 2018 COMPANY

We introduce ourselves as a Group of medium size Engineering Company engaged in the manufacturing of pure/clean/fully tested ARC Route/LRF/VD Steel as Cast & Forged.

Our is an Open Die Press Forging Unit having the complete facility of Forgings of any grade of Steel in the weight range of 1000 kg’s to 10,000 kg’s as per the requirement of the customers.

We have 1250 tones Forging Press (European Standard) complete with related accessories, which make us able to deliver Quality Product to our valued customers.

The promoters of our company have a vast experience of over 45 years in the line of Steel Forgings.

The names of some of the grades which are our product ranges are as under:-

AISI-4130, AISI-4140, AISI-4340, AISI-4145, LF2, F-60, AISI 403, AISI 410, AISI 416, AISI 430,AISI 304, AISI 308, 17CrNiMo6, 30CrNiMo8, 30CrNiMo6, 13CrMo44, 20Mn5, 40Ni6Cr4Mo3, 42CrMo4, 40Cr4Mo2, AISI316, En 3, En 8, En 9, En 14, En 15, En 18, En 19, En 24, EN 25, EN 31, EN 351, IS 1875, IS 1570, SAE 1015, SAE 1016, SAE 8620, SAE 1040, HOT DIE STEEL DIN 2714, H-11, H-13, DB-6 etc., as per the Dimensions mentioned for the varieties of shapes.

In continuation to this we proudly introduce the establishment of our new MELT SHOP, a state of the art Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) complete with LRF & VD. It is the first such plant in India that boasts a single piece forging ingot of 9000 Kg weight (M9) with a maximum heat size of 9 tonnes.

Producing quality products being our primary aim, the process guarantees low levels of sulphur and phosphorus which impair the mechanical properties of steel, to a minimum of 5ppm. We will be able to make Steel Grade with carbon content as low as 300 ppm.

Additionally, the LECO gas analyzer employed in our LAB gives us exact and accurate levels of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen that help us provide our customers with the cleanest possible steel. The EDWARDS Dry Pump in the VD ascertains the fact that the level of these gases are kept at a maximum of 2ppm, 20ppm and 90ppm respectively. We have also in house Heat Treatment facilities.

A Top of the line German (30 channels) Spectrometer allows us to monitor the percentage of elements in each grade.

Our experienced staff and personnel speak of our standards and we ensure that only the best Ultra Clean Steel is supplied to our customers.

PHFPL has the infrastructure to provide confidence to its valued customers that the product manufactured by us will be able to meet even their most stringiest standards.

With our present set up and quality standards we have been awarded the 1SO 9001: 2015 Certificate for its Quality Management System in April 2005 by the renowned certification body TUV SUD. We are also an ISO 45001:2018 Company certified by TUV SUD.

We are a one stop shop for all Steel Forgings and Forging Ingot requirements, providing everything under one roof.


Arc Furnace

LRF/VD Max. Heat Press, Size : 9 Ton



1250 Ton Open Die Hydraulic


Heat Treatment

Facility for Shaft up to 7 meter Length


Forging Ingots

International Standard Quality Forging Ingot Available


Since inception Parbhat has vented into the most advance and innovative technologies to serve our customers with the best quality Steels by way of Forging/Casting. Continuous in-house development by providing best/most advanced quality Steel to all.


"Providing a complete solution to our customers, beginning with quality advise on selecting the best Steel to ensuring a timely delivery of the highest quality product."